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Asexual romantic
Hi new here, anyone from portugal or italy?

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Looking for other asexuals in or around UK
I've only recently come to terms with my asexuality, I've known for years but its only recently that I found AVEN and an explanation. I'm looking for other asexuals to chat to and maybe an asexual girl for a romantic relationship if I'm lucky enough to find one. For some reason I can't upload a pic here, So this is me (removed)

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I would like to meet someone asexual

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Need advice
I've been in several relationships but they never last long after i tell them I'm asexual and I've found one who says he is ok with it but how can i know that he means it?

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Exposing Liars
I think those of us who met guys (or gals) on this site who were liars should speak up and protect everyone else. If you email me I can tell you about 2 scumbags I met through here (one was abusive & controlling while the other was a married man who exhibited most of the signs I mentioned in my earlier post about married guys.. it only took me one date to realize he was married). There was another guy I met on this site who was rude and stood me up repeatedly and then later he admitted to being gay. I asked why he didnt try a gay site or post looking for a man and he said he's in the closet but (apparently) has no problem lying & misleading a straight/asexual/celibate woman into a relationship with him while he has a affairs with guys. What a scumbag!!

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Fake Asexual Men Trolling on Here Looking for Sex
Beware, ladies, beware... Look out for predators on here (and similar sites)! Unfortunately, there are some jerks out there, people who like to play games, as well as -worse- dangerous perverts/ s----l predators. I have noticed that some of the men on this site are posing as asexual or celibate when in fact they are not. I have learned the hard way about men lying when they're trying to get S-- (to trick women into having an affair, to get them alone in a dangerous situation, buying lots of drinks, etc.) There are some guys who want to get with a celibate woman the same way they would want to get with a lesbian- think conversion, fetish, or (if they are se---lly inexperienced) 'claiming' that woman- ugh- so primitive but perverted men do think this way.

If he says he is "asexual" or "'celibate"'- signs he is lying:
1. His profile makes crude references to female anatomy
2. He lists "nudism" as a hobby or says he's looking for "something really hot/ friends ---- --------" (um, then why are you *here*)?
3. He makes *a lot* of references to money, tries to find out your financial situation, etc (in exhange for??) If a guy makes a big deal out of having money or it seems thats all he has going on- watch out.
4. Asks alot of personal questions, out of context, about past s----l experience or lack thereof (i.e- "when did you last have sex?" or "are you a virgin") AND Asks probing questions but is notably *very* secretive about himself or says things that dont add up.
5. For someone lacking s----l attraction, seems VERY interested in your body (i.e- "what size breasts do you have?" "'are you fit"? "size pants"? etc. "'I want a model."' Why? Even asexuals might be alittle picky but if he's too picky watch him...)
6. Talks about HIS many s----l experiences- graphically- admits to liking ----, going to hookers, etc.
7. Sends or posts elsewhere s----lized pics or "hot" pics or pics of himself with half naked women, etc.
8. Says he does not like "shy" women (in other words, he wants a wild time)
9. Is defensive (if 'caught') and or verbally abusive for no good reason (not that there's *ever* a good reason)- being disrespectful and blaming you for everything, even his own rudeness (guilt again)
10. Wants to pick you up at your home (never let anyone do this!!) If he gets mad and says "don't you trust me?" remember trust is *earned* not given to strangers!

Signs he is also- MARRIED- or at least "in a relationship", in general:
1. Only provides you with a cell phone number and no home phone number (in case the wife/ girlfriend picks up the phone)
2. Acts like the relationship (should it develop) must remain "'secret" on the premise of being embarassed about asexuality when really it's because he's married or dating someone else
3. Calls you, but very infrequently, and at very specified times, or very late at night. Or if you contact him once in a 2 week period feels "smothered". Hmmm...
4. Contacts you by IM or email but then gets defensive/paranoid if you try to contact him this way (gf or wife shares computer!) OR someone with his screen name IMs you back & doenst know who you are/ or ignores you for no reason
5. Makes dates & "forgets" about them (wife came home from the business trip early). OR calls with a lame/ funny excuse- "my friend needed a arm transplant", "my apt. caught on fire" etc.
6. Is *always* busy and goes on business "trips" practically every day
7. Gives mixed messages about meeting- likes you one day, the next day does not (guilt over cheating)
8. Is dumb enough to say on his webpage or myspace that he is "in a relationship" and if you ask about it, makes myspace private & gets defensive.. Hmmm. (he's been caught red-handed!)
9. Not always a sign but often- does not post any pic on here or if he does its so blurry you cant pick him out of a crowd (after all he doesnt want his wife, gf, mom, or friends to see that he's a cheater!)
10. If you ever do meet- and this I know- he does not introduce you to family or friends and visits your home but *never* lets you see where HE lives!

Before youagree to meet someone, google them to make sure they are who they said they were. And check out Zabasearch or PeopleSearch- if you see this person more than twice I'd say pay the extra money for the advanced search (criminal history, marriage records, addresses, etc). Better safe than sorry!You've been warned ladies! Have a safe & pleasant day.

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Not only am I new, but it looks like I am the only one here.

I just posted a bio yesterday. I hope to hear from others. I am a former heterosexual who for the last three years has had fibro and some days cannot stand to be touched. A lot of pain med keeps me on the job. I refuse to file for disability. I love my job, and want to work a few more years so that I don't have to worry about money. I have a beautiful home near Moab, and I am getting land ready for a small cabin in the Basin. I sleep with two Yorkies who are 100% devoted to me, no matter how I feel. I am not a whiner or complainer, however. My fibro makes me more determined to be as normal as anyone. I love to hike, and so do the Yorkies.

asexual and looking
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