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'Celibate' Dating Sites*

Along with Celibate Passions (the site you are on now), the sites listed below focus on a number of related, but somewhat different, concepts. They share in common that they are sites focused on connecting people who are not looking for sexual relationships. The how and why for the different types of sites is a little different though. Sites for the asexual (ACE) community are for individuals seeking relationships with no interest in sexual intimacy, while the sites focused on the celibate community are a bit different. Singles may be celibate for a number of reasons and the reasons can be short term or long term depending on what is driving them. Members may be celibate by choice due to religious reasons or cultural reasons, but there are some who are celibate due to medical reasons. Basically the sites listed here are somewhat unique when compared to mainstream dating sites. Separate from the asexual and celibate sites, there are also sites with a 'Platonic' focus, which is also a bit different. These 'Platonic' dating sites focus more on the establishment of strong friendships and strong connections while downplaying any sexual connection. Whether the members within these sites identify as asexual or celibate is up to each member though, since it is more about the establishment of specific types of relationships than it is about how any individual member self-identifies. Many of the sites below share similar features although some focus more on dating, while others focus more on chat. The overall goal of the sites is to connect individuals who are asexual, celibate or those seeking platonic relationships.


Celibate Dating

"Find A Caring Partner At Celibate Dating!"
Get in touch with men and women who are celibate but still want to date and have fun! Celibacy is a result of many different things, some voluntary, some not. Regardless of the reason though, Celibate Dating allows members to find others who understand celibacy is part of the package.

Platonic Dating

Join Platonic Dating and Find Your Match!
Looking for someone who understands you and who is able to connect in a platonic way? If this interests you, join Platonic Dating. Find like-minded singles looking for platonic friendship, platonic love and much more.

Asexual Dating Site

"Join Asexual Dating Site and Find Caring and Compatible Singles!"
"Asexual Dating Site is Online Community for Those Who Do Not Feel or Desire the Need for Physical Intimacy, But Still Enjoy the Company of Like-minded People, so Make a Free Profile and Meet Compatible Singles!"

Asexual Cupid

The Community Site For Asexual Dating And Support
If you are looking for a site built exclusively for helping connect members of the Asexual community for dating, then Asexual Cupid is a site to consider. As one of the first sites focused on asexual dating relationships, it has a number of features specific to helping asexuals find the types of relationships they are seeking.

Asexual Singles Chat

Join Asexual Singles Chat!
"There are many misconceptions about asexuality; one that asexual men and women do not desire a partner is one of the most common." If you identify as asexual but you'd still like a fulfilling relationship, join Asexual Single Chat to meet others who feel the same way.


Platonic Dating Service

Keep Things Strictly Platonic
While Platonic Dating Service isn't 'technically' a 'Celibate Dating Service', the general concept is VERY similar. Connect with women and men who are looking to be part of a true, pure platonic relationship. This site focuses on a deeper connection than a physical connection with a goal of true friendship.

Asexual Dating! Find Love And Friendship!
Asexuals don’t have it easy these days when it comes to finding and dating other asexuals. Search for women, men, non-binary and agender, as well as asexuals, demisexuals and graysexuals.

*Sites listed on this page are a combination of ads, affiliate related Sites and general non-partnership related sites that match the theme of Celibate Passions.