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  • taoistlover
  • not wanting to be celibate any longer... how about you? are you ready to end the loneliness??
  • 53 years old | Williston, FL, USA

  • annede
  • I'm looking for my soulmate, best male friend. Like me he shall be asexual, eventually demi or grey. What is important to me is honesty, respect and trust. I tend to get along well with Libras. In the winter I like to go walking in the snow, eventually cross-country skiing and then relax at home with a cup of hot chocolate made with soy or almond milk, reading greatest philosophers or painting. I...
  • 50 years old | Berlin, Germany

  • whaletale
  • Looking for outdoorsy friend for winter sports activities and ocean as well. Someone who is fit and likes to go exploring
  • 55 years old | South Portland, ME, USA

  • roman1964
  • 54 years old | Las Vegas, NV, USA

  • appreciatelife
  • You won't know me and I won't know you by a description, experience is the only way we will know each other.
  • 31 years old | Union City, NJ, USA

  • shymeeee
  • Accepting I enrolled in this site because I'm accepting of everyone who is peaceful. While I don't consider myself celibate, I haven't had sex with anyone in many years. My personality is all over. I like to laugh but am also a good listener who takes interest in people and has counseled many.
  • 61 years old | Aaronsburg, PA, USA

  • dan81219
  • For fun
  • 22 years old | `ain sba, Morocco

  • topsykrets1223
  • 31 years old | Spring Valley, NV, USA

  • demeeder
  • Enough Is Enough Tired of the same old conventional, politically correct relationships that according to statistics; don't work anyway. I am ready for the new, the different, the go all the way and give it our all with no plan B exit strategy - type relationship.
  • 61 years old | Raleigh, NC, USA

  • mumu87
  • I am a loving, generous young women looking for a friendship that can blossom into something only God can manifest through his love and grace. I love spontaneous outings, I love learning new things and enjoy good company with great laughs. I’m a Virgo with ambission and goals. I love people and enjoy being around people. I’m also a homebody that sometimes rather snuggle up on the the couch and...
  • 31 years old | Englewood, NJ, USA

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