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Not listed? Is Asexual Female one of the ways you identify yourself?
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Not listed? Is Asexual Female one of the ways you identify yourself?
If so, click here to update your Gender/Orientation selections.

Asexual Female
Celibate Passions Members

  • omahlin
  • Youthful, Attractive, Senior female seeking good clean companionship that is not se---lly motivated.
  • 66 years old | Upper Marlboro, MD, USA

  • aamnakhalid
  • I am looking for Asexual people.
  • 21 years old | Lahore Cantonment, Pakistan

  • candyfloss281
  • I'm a friendly, down to earth 40 year old woman who has a great sense of humor, love having a laugh and a joke. I'm a non smoker and a non drinker.
  • 40 years old | South Norwood, United Kingdom

  • patella
  • I am, as far as I know, an aromantic asexual. I would like a very close best friend for life. The problem is that everyone else looking for this seems to also have this romantic/physical attraction side that is missing in me or that I just don't understand. Even so many asexuals do too, and that is even harder to feel like an outsider even again or what is wrong with me. So it's like I'm left alon...
  • 38 years old | Bethlehem, PA, USA

  • annede
  • I'm looking for my soulmate, best male friend. Like me he shall be asexual, eventually demi or grey. What is important to me is honesty, respect and trust. I tend to get along well with Libras. In the winter I like to go walking in the snow, eventually cross-country skiing and then relax at home with a cup of hot chocolate made with soy or almond milk, reading greatest philosophers or painting. I...
  • 50 years old | Berlin, Germany

  • nekogirl57
  • Hi my name is casandra I'm asexual I'd like to find an asexual romantic partner I'm nerdy and silly I like animals and music and all kinds of stuff I have really bad anxiety so you will probably have to be the one to start the conversation but I look forward to talking with you
  • 21 years old | Carbondale, IL, USA

  • francesg
  • Friend and companion
  • As a widow (4 years) I miss company, friendship, and shared experiences, though I don't want another s----l relationship. I love going to the theatre - especially London and Stratford; travel, going for walks, and art galleries; gardening and beautiful gardens, and singing in a choir are also favourites. Fortunately I am pretty healthy and fit, and have a regular programme of resistance training; ...
  • 68 years old | Oxford, United Kingdom

  • littleeblueejay
  • I am a female bi asexual who loves video games, reading, watching youtube, watching shows, jurassic park, talking about geeky/nerdy things, making friends, spending time with animals, sci-fi, cosplay, and fantasy.rnI am looking to make friends and if I can find someone to date then great.
  • 19 years old | Battle Creek, MI, USA

  • onegudgurl
  • 39 yo Regular, degular, AA asexual female looking for asexual male to have fun with and create memories with
  • 39 years old | Advance, NC, USA

  • tracyhill42
  • Asexual and celibate by choice. I am looking for a companion. So if you contact me, you are too! I am an introvert unless I put you in my "safe place." I am a Professional with a Graduate degree. If you are unable to hav %%%, or don't like to-we would be perfect for eachother! Although I'm healthy and so are you, it's of non-importance to the both of us. I am looking for someone to talk with, la...
  • 48 years old | Henderson, NV, USA

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