Surviving Celibacy
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Surviving Celibacy

Stephen Fierbaugh

Are you a Christian single without immediate marriage prospects? Sick of books by married people about finding that phantom spouse? You're not alone! We can mature gracefully as whole and complete persons, full and productive members of the Church, without a husband or wife. "Surviving Celibacy" contains hard-hitting practical advice from other singles on living a Christian lifestyle without a spouse or family. See how leading Christians of the last century used their singleness to accomplish great things for God. It will surprise you what God says (& doesn't say) about loneliness, dealing with divorce and hurt, depression, masturbation, homosexuality, and wanting a family. With an appendix specifically for pastors on ministering to the 42% of adult Americans who are single! This book's first edition was titled "Celibacy Sucks But We're Not Alone!". This revised second edition contains five new chapters plus a study guide!

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